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Homeocare International offers holistic and individual-based constitutional homeopathy treatments for all types of acute and chronic diseases that are effective, natural, safe, and without any side effects. The treatments are well developed and refined by Expert Homeopaths with advanced software and technologies. Our Homeopathic treatments work effectively and efficiently, especially on chronic and recurring diseases as well as also very effective for acute diseases. Constitutional Homeopathy Treatment addresses a person to treat as a whole physically, mentally, and psychology including his past and present health history, family history, spiritual, and social condition.

Moreover, constitutional homeopathy treatment is distinct in many ways as compared to other treatments by the fundamental concepts of treating diseases from their root levels, considering several causative factors, and believe in totality with a holistic approach.
The remedies are prepared gently from natural substances and do not contain any harmful chemicals. The highly diluted form of medicines is potent to treat the disease effectively at their root levels.
Constitutional homeopathy medicines can increase and enhance your body’s immune system and avoid the future occurrence of the diseases.

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Homeocare International World-Class Premium Homeopathy Clinic

Homeocare International is a chain of World-Class Premium Homeopathy Clinic run under Dr.Srikant Morlawar, a globally famous personality and eminent homeopathic physician, dedicated to serving Advanced Constitutional Homeopathic Treatment well-endowed with more than 35+ of full of experience, excellence, and well-skilled in treating a number of diseases with advanced technologies, the latest techniques and advanced software that makes our treatments more effective and efficient without any adverse effects. Homeocare International is a well-established and renowned homeopathic brand in the world that strives to spread the benefits of homeopathy healing among the community at the global level.

At Homeocare International, we offer safe, gentle, and cost-effective treatments for diseases, We have a good track record to handle and cure many incurable diseases for which we take pride.

Every wonderful thing comes through a great leader, who has a mission, vision, and goal to begin, Dr. Srikant Morlawar’s immense effort and passion, transformed into Homeocare International that has created a benchmark in the field of Homeopathy and brought a drastic change in the life of people. Dr.Srikant Morlawar, Chairman and Managing Director of Homeocare International has strong faith in Genetic Constitutional Homeopathy and deals with the same.




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With devotion and dedication, we provide high-quality treatments to various diseases, we have "Hormone Cell" and "Joint Cell" to treat diseases related to hormones like Diabetes Mellitus and Menstrual irregularities, and joint-related diseases such as Osteoarthritis as well as Rheumatoid Arthritis and many others. Homeocare International is well-connected with its quality control and medical audit department which supports the implementation of quality management following International standard ISO 9001:2008. Homeocare International has always been a proactive and regular member to satiate people through upgrading technology and organizing regular CMEs to doctors and training sessions to help staff.

The best doctors and experienced homeopathic consultants across the world at Homeocare International assemble and collaborate to develop new and advanced techniques in Homeopathy Treatment, to make our better performance and serve the WORLD CLASS HOMEOPATHY. We have been continuously promoting homeopathy, its efficacy, awareness, and its benefits amongst people at large.

Homeocare International has a total of 50+ branches spread across the South India States of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Puducherry with over 300+ experienced, sincere, diligent, and expert Homeopaths and has more than 1000, well-trained support staff.

We are committed to providing the best treatment, care, comfort, and bring improvement and quality in life.